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Interaction Recording

Sinclair Voicenet provides a comprehensive range of interaction and compliance recording solutions for contact centres, financial institutions, public safety and commercial organisations.

Whether you need an enterprise-wide, branch office or SMB solution, we can show you the most effective way to capture, store and manage voice, text and screen activities relating to multi-channel interactions with customers by telephone, chat, email, SMS and radio. Sinclair Voicenet can help you to comply with regulations and internal policies, mitigate against litigation risks, monitor quality of service and gain important business insight through integration with interaction analytics, workforce and quality management applications.


Easy-to-install, low-cost call and reliable solutions to record telephone, SMS, webchat, radio, IP and screen-based interactions in contact centres from 4-200 channels.

Enterprise interaction recording solutions that provide high levels of operational flexibility and system resiliency with a low total cost of ownership.

Mobile call and data recording solutions to meet the compliance needs of the financial services industry and other regulated sectors.

Capture, store and manage interactions with customers and other firms to comply with external regulations and internal policies.

Voice and data recording solutions to ensure regulatory compliance, improve risk management and enhance the efficiency of internal processes.

We support a wide range of legacy products from NICE Systems including Mirra Series 2 & 4, Wordnet Series 2 & 3 and NICE 8.8 & 8.9.