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Contact Centre Applications

Sinclair Voicenet provides a comprehensive range of value added workforce optimisation applications that enable organisations of every size to improve performance and operational efficiency while achieving compliance with market regulations and internal policies. They maximise the value of interactions with customers in real-time, optimise agent performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Increases customer satisfaction, improves agent effectiveness and operational efficiency while ensuring compliance with regulatory processes.

Drives operational efficiency and enhances agent satisfaction to deliver the highest level of service even in multi-site and multi-skilled environments.

Provides insight into customer opinions enabling instant action to address any areas of dissatisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

Delivers PCI DSS compliance for contact centres taking personal information and payment details over the telephone

Extracts insights from multimedia interactions and online chat sessions to enhance customer interactions and deliver business improvements.

Enables contact centres to turn insights into immediate business impact, delivering next-best-action recommendations and process automation.

Records screen activities so they can be replayed with corresponding telephone, chat and email-based interactions for compliance and quality management.

Increases back office efficiency by reducing costs, ensuring regulatory compliance, improving performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Motivates staff to perform at optimum levels and automates time-consuming reporting tasks to give managers more time to manage.

SmartVoice Assist delivers live training, coaching and support to new and experienced agents.

Automatic authentication of customers delivers significant operational savings for contact centres.