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Onsite Mobile Compliance Suite

Intro Paragraphs: 
The Onsite Mobile Compliance Suite offers a complete solution for organisation using BlackBerry devices.
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It records all communications including voice calls, SMS, corporate email and webmail, instant messaging, social networking sites, BlackBerry® Mail and Messaging, BlackBerry® PIN-PIN and Bloomberg Messaging.

Built on carrier-grade switching technology providing the highest level of reliability, security, resilience and redundancy, it is scalable on a single platform to support up to 40,000 mobile users per customer.

Messages are captured in real time instead of relying on BlackBerry® Exchange Server (BES) log files ensuring continuity in the case of BES downtime. This enables the capture of data that bypasses the BES, as many web-based messaging services do. Also, because calls are captured at the handset, messages from non BES-linked devices such as smartphones can be recorded to extend the scope of compliant mobile users.

All electronic communications are monitored in real-time with automatic alerts, based on predetermined rules, enabling organisations to take immediate action. A powerful search function rapidly locates and replays all mobile communications, regardless of where they were originally recorded and archived.

Key Features:

  • Captures voice calls, SMS, webmail, Instant Messaging, social networking sites, BlackBerry® Mail and Messaging, BlackBerry® PIN-PIN and Bloomberg Messaging.
  • Personal phone numbers and email addresses can be ‘whitelisted’ and not recorded.
  • Messages are captured in real time, not historically.
  • Records from non-BES linked mobile devices including smartphones.
  • Real-time alerts when breaches detected.
  • Recordings backed up as part of existing business continuity strategy.
  • Can be deployed over multiple sites with automated failover and call prioritisation across the enterprise.
Benefits Title: 
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Achieves compliance FSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, MiFID, BS1008 and other regulatory standards
Records from BlackBerry and other smartphone devices,
Communications monitored in real-time
Alerts sent automatically when breaches detected
Delivers reliable and resilient performance