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'App-less' Compliance Suite

Intro Paragraphs: 
Sinclair Voicenet provides the world’s first FSA compliant, 'App-less' mobile voice and data recording solution for the financial sector that eliminates the need to manage handset applications across multiple device types.
Intro Sub Paragraph: 
It enables organisations to deploy a strategic solution to ensure mobile compliance, including a top class full GSM network, instead of a tactical handset level fix.

This is the first mobile compliance solution to enable organisations to record from iPhones, Nokia and Android-based smartphones as well as BlackBerry devices. It also enables new handsets to be used as soon as they come on to the market without requiring specific applications to be developed.

This ‘App-less’ solution delivers a completely seamless user experience without reducing the functionality or battery life of mobile devices. It also eliminates the second call costs and the call delays experienced with other systems. This network-based solution also reduces the need for additional in-house support overhead delivering significant savings and reduced total cost of ownership.

Key Features:

  • Secure, network-based voice and SMS recording.
  • Seamlessly supports functionality such as call waiting and voicemail.
  • Simple, fully hosted or onsite implementation.
  • Users keep existing phone numbers.
  • No DDI requirement or complex application management.
  • Eliminates call connection delays and second call charges.
  • Works on a range of handsets including BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Android.
  • Network-based solution provides automated over-the-air updates.
  • Delivers savings of 30-90% on roaming and international calls.
  • Gives users a UK and US number on one SIM so they appear local in both countries.
Benefits Title: 
Benefits Text: 
Records from all commonly used mobile devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and more
Eliminates connection delays and 2nd call charges
'App-less' solution eliminates need to install software on each mobile device
Achieves compliance FSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, MiFID, BS1008 and other regulatory standards
Communications monitored in real-time
Alerts sent automatically when breaches detected
Delivers reliable and resilient performance