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NICE Perform eXpress

Intro Paragraphs: 
NICE Perform eXpress is an all-in-one, low cost interaction recording and quality management solution.
Intro Sub Paragraph: 
It provides a simple and effective solution to simply and efficiently record, archive, replay and evaluate customer interactions for SMBs, branch offices and smaller contact centre operations.

Cost effective and easy-to-install on a single standard server, it provides a single view enabling managers to play back interactions, view agent screen activity and evaluate agent performance. Evaluation scores are then reported to initiate action to improve agent efficiency and customer experience.

Key Features

  • Built-in Quality Management application with evaluation form designer and screen recording providing an holistic insight on agent activity and business reports.
  • Support for up to 200 recording channels in VoIP, TDM and hybrid networks optimises investment in existing IT networks.
  • D-channel line signaling support to include advanced telephony data in non-CTI environments.
  • Easy and rapid deployment reducing IT personnel-related costs.
  • Small footprint lowers facility costs with a thin client, browser-based web application.
  • Support for compliance requirements such as retention, liability and recording redundancy.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Centralised administration and storage either locally or remotely to improve administration and maintenance.
Benefits Title: 
Benefits Text: 
Improves operational efficiency and customer experience by improving agent performance
Provides insight into customer satisfaction and agent service levels
Deploys quickly and easily in less than half a day
Provides all-in-one, cost effective solution on a single commercial server
Supports VoIP, TDM and hybrid networks in a single box
Can be maintained locally or at a remote data centre
Enables adherence to regulations and internal policies