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Mobile Compliance Recording

Since 14th November 2011, it has been compulsory for FSA-regulated organisations in the UK to record mobile calls.

Sinclair Voicenet provides the most comprehensive suite of mobile compliance solutions that enable users to adhere to market regulations as well as MiFID and BSI0008 standards. They are designed for the financial services industry as well as other regulated sectors where mobile communications can potentially create risk for individuals or organisations.

We provide rapid deployment solutions to overcome the problems being experienced with some of the recording systems that were installed in haste to meet FSA deadlines. Our range of mobile call and data recording solutions have the resilience and performance required on a day-to-day basis to meet the compliance needs of the financial sector both today and in the future.

The first FSA compliant 'App-less' mobile recording solution eliminates the need to manage handset applications across multiple device types.

The Onsite Mobile Compliance Suite offers a complete recording solution for organisations using BlackBerry devices.

Fully FSA compliant mobile recording when infrastructure or time constraints mean that organisations prefer to outsource this function.