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System Upgrades

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Sinclair Voicenet can help you maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of your NICE applications to ensure that they continue to meet your operational and business needs.
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Whether this is driven by changes in infrastructure, business requirements or product lifecycle, we can help ensure that system upgrades are planned and implemented properly.

With extensive experience of updating and upgrading NICE systems, Sinclair Voicenet uses proven methodologies that mitigate against risk and ensure the successful deployment of major upgrades that minimise disruption to the business. An experienced project manager is assigned to oversee every upgrade and all processes are fully documented to clearly communicated any pre-requisites and manage all related activities.

Prior to any onsite upgrade, data backups from the customer site are replicated in our laboratories to ensure that we can carry out three successful implementations of the upgrade using the actual data from the production environment.

Even with the most careful planning and detailed preparation, most major upgrades will require an outage of the NICE services to allow the upgrade to take place. However, we understand that a voice recording outage is not always possible for mission critical systems. In this situation, we provide the use of an optional tactical recording system, fully tested and installed, to provide recording coverage of priority calls during the outage to the production platform.

Sinclair Voicenet’s extensive experience and a proven methodology ensures that upgrades run smoothly and are completed on time.


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Proves we have a good process for the upgrade using real customer data
Identifies and resolves any issues with specific upgrades before we get to site
Timings for each stage of the upgrade enables more effective planning for the change