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Quality Management Consultancy

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Sinclair Voicenet’s Quality Management Consulting Services enables Trading Floors and Financial Services organisations to achieve maximum benefits from installing NICE solutions.
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Our accredited consultants have extensive experience of implementing quality programmes for organisations in diverse market sectors and can share invaluable best practices and insights that have proved successful in other deployments.

We can help you to maximise the attainment of business benefits with multifaceted quality programmes that work for agents, supervisors, evaluators and managers alike. 

With flexible recording rules, automatic monitoring of KPI targets, real-time alerts and root cause analysis tools, effective Quality Management provides a powerful tool to measure and track performance on the trading floor or in the contact centre. Our consultants have the expertise to help set up the advanced query tools, automated scoring, graphic visualisation and a wide range of search criteria including data generated from speech analytics, desktop analytics and customer feedback, making it easy for organisations to select calls to evaluate. We can show you how to identify urgent quality issues such as agent knowledge gaps, process inefficiencies and sales ineffectiveness so you can take immediate and rapid action

We also carry out post-implementation consultancy to quantify the impact of quality management and suggest further improvements to current processes and workflow.

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Aligns quality monitoring workflows with business goals and KPIs
Identifies knowledge gaps, process inefficiencies or sales ineffectiveness
Drives desirable behaviour at individual, group and enterprise levels
Provides timely feedback and tailored online coaching
Improves evaluation team productivity and fairness
Aligns business processes with customer expectations
Enhances customer feedback and interaction analytics results