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Interaction Analytics Consultancy

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Sinclair Voicenet’s Analytics Consulting Services enables Trading Floors and Financial Services organisations to achieve maximum benefits from the NICE Interaction Analytics solution.
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Our accredited consultants have extensive experience of implementing analytics for organisations in diverse market sectors and can share invaluable best practices and insights that have proved successful in other deployments.

We have the expertise to integrate analytics as a new and insightful source of business intelligence and help identify what is needed to address your business challenges and the insights required to assist the decision-making process.  Analysed data is presented in a format to facilitate business decisions and process improvements that deliver an enhanced customer experience and increased operational efficiency.

Our Interaction Analytics consultants also provide on-site implementation supporting customers’ in-house teams leading the solution definition and setup then ensuring the system generates the required insight to meet the original organisational goals and objectives. This can be followed up with advanced studies to uncover root causes, optimise processes and fine tune the solution as needed.  We also carry out post-implementation consultancy to quantify the impact of analytics and suggest further improvements to current processes and workflow.


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Improves customer experience and increases retention
Provides greater understand of customer intent
Enhances performance
Improves sales and operational efficiency
Uncovers hidden business opportunities