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Professional Services

Sinclair Voicenet provides a comprehensive range of Professional Services to enable Trading Floors and Financial Services customers to gain maximum benefit from a wide range of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics and workforce management solutions.

We are the UK’s only NICE Certified Consultancy Partner which uniquely qualifies us to deliver NICE’s consultancy package and ensure that applications are both configured to meet business requirements and tuned to deliver maximum benefit.

Our professional services team comprises industry specialists with extensive experience of successfully delivering projects for organisations operating in diverse market sectors.

Helps organisations to optimise deployments of interaction recording, quality management, business processes and interaction analytics solutions

We deliver projects to meet time, budget and quality requirements while ensuring optimum system performance and a rapid return on investment.

Ensures that implementations run smoothly and deliver rapid achievement of solution benefits.

Proven methodologies mitigate against risk enabling us to successfully deploy major upgrades and minimise disruption to the business.

NICE accredited training programmes tailored to your specific requirements and delivered at a pace suitable to every participant.